iMac ~ in office

My company got upgrade and change a 21" new iMac for me.. Yeah!!

Performance with 2.7GHz Quad-Core intel Core i5 and more memory (RAM), come with wireless Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard :) And also Adobe CS5 upgraded.

Although is not my personal home use, but i was appreciate I get to use it in office.

Create your own jigsaw puzzles

Personalized and create my own jigsaw puzzles for my hubby birthday. All you have to do is buy a blank puzzles, prepare some color pen, ribbon and start to sketch and design to write something on the plain puzzle.

An entertainment and challenges for my hubby to place all the puzzles as i have take it off and tie up using a ribbon.
I found this quite interesting and special.. hehe:)

Maternity photo shoot

My first experience of maternity photo shoot :)

Actually i got a free personal portrait photo shoot from my friend, but i taking this chance and request to go for a maternity photo shoot with my hubby. And fortunately the photographer was very nice, because actually it was breaking the rules of taking two person, but he actually did for us. So much thanks to him.

Although just a normal and simple photo taking, but i am appreciate and happy with it.

Mini sofa Jewelry Ring display

I bought a mini sofa Jewelry Ring display. I kinda like it. An ideal for arranging my rings.
Add in another new member for my accessories collections. Yahhoooooo!!

Nephew 2nd Birthday

A Birthday party to celebrated for my dearest nephew Kai Kai 2nd Birthhay!! Hooray!!

Happy Birthday to my KAI KAI. I Love you so much. muaks..hahah..

Trip to Malacca

2D1N Trip to Malacca with my dear, mother in-law and my sister. We went Jonker Street, Dataran Pahlawan and The Jetty of Malacca, located behind the Holiday Inn Hotel which we stayed. Quite an enjoyable trip but unfortunately i fall in sick there.

The Management provides buggy as well to ferry customers. There few shops start operating, including a restaurant, cafe, karaoke, or can enjoy your drinks indoors or the outside to enjoy the wonderful view of the sea. 

Gift for Mimi ~

Few simple things to prepare:
- 2 bears
- Glue, Scissor
- Ribbon
- Laces
- DIY wedding card
* To make for a bride bear :)

Congrats to mimi, hope she will like the little gift i made.
Best wishes on her wedding day and marriage filled with love and joy..

Chelsea Training session

I got a Chelsea Tranning pass for FREE.. ermmm.. Although I'not really fans of it, but still went for to watch for the training session in Bukit Jalil Stadium to experience and join for the crowd... but then not really a lot people as I expected. Perhaps the real match on Thursday will be full of people and excitement.

Let's go for Swim!

Oh..I want to give my blog a sincere apologies, how I've abandoned you for so longgggg.. because I've been busy.. I am exhausted and somehow I am lazy too.. hahah..

OKAY! So.. I should go for a swim to relax for myself. WeheHEHhEhh....

Panda Plushie

A round round fatty panda plushie, so cute and adorable.. My Dear bought him back from Chengdu, China for me. And I love it so much. Thanks dear.